Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under SCOBA (the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas). Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith.

Our national headquarters is located in Indianapolis, IN and supports 270 local university chapters across the U.S. and Canada.  In addition, they provide a variety of thoughtful and innovative programming, including regional training, annual conferences, and domestic and international service learning projects. To learn more about OCF at a national level, please visit  http://ocf.net/

Our chapter at UIUC:

We meet every Tuesday night at the NIKA house (located on 2nd and John in Champaign) at 6pm.  We always start out with a dinner followed by activities/discussions, and we close each meeting with a prayer.  Interested in finding out more?  Feel free to contact ANY of our officer members!  We are always happy to talk to you and answer any questions!

Contact Us: ocf.uiuc@gmail.com

Our Officers:
President: Alex Magerko (magerko1@gmail.com )
VP Finance: George Mastorakos (georgemasto@gmail.com)
External VP: Roman Yanke (det.ryanke@gmail.com)
Internal VP: Lia Pagones (pagones2@illinois.edu)
VP Communications: Kathy Kastanes (kathykastanes@gmail.com)
VP History: Mary Alcott (malcott2@illinois.edu)


2013-2014 OCF board pictured (from left to right):

George Mastorakos, Evangelia Pagones, Kathy Kastanes, Roman Yanke, Alex Magerko, Mary Alcott.

Service Chairs: Patrick Kandalepas & Vicky Pavlou
Special Events Chair: Yannis Zigras

Our Clergy:
Fr. James Ellison
St. Nicholas Antiochian Church | Email

Fr. Michael Condos
Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church | Email