Winter Retreat 2015!!

This year, for the first time in a while, OCF held its annual winter retreat in Chicago.  Our retreat began on Saturday night at one of the board member’s house, where we enjoyed a yummy dinner as well as cutting a Vasilopita bread!  Following dinner, OCF members got to catch up with one another.  We also played many, many rounds of Mafia! (a card game!!).  On Sunday morning, OCF members went to St. George Greek Orthodox Church, which is located in the Lincoln Park area.  Following the liturgy,  we headed to brunch at Wildberry Café in downtown Chicago!  The food was delicious!! To end the day off great, we all headed over to Millennium Park for some ice skating!  It was a great two days full of lots of fun, fellowship, and an overall great experience to hang out with everyone before school starts up again.

As for our upcoming spring semester, we have a lot of great ideas running through and can’t wait for what is to come!  From discussions, retreats, Pascha, and other fellowship events, we know it will be a great semester!  Keep checking back here for updates!


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