Alumni Spotlight

Evangelia Tsipas

My name is Evangelia Tsipas and I graduated from U of I in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Business Minor. During my four years I was heavily involved in OCF and Illini Pride/Orange Krush (Go Illini!). OCF will always hold a place in my heart as one of my favorite aspects of my college experience. I gained a lot of knowledge about the Orthodox faith, participated in some great events (Saints Blitz, Retreats, Relay for Life, etc.), and met lots of wonderful people—many of which I am blessed to call my best friends! Now that I’ve graduated, I have a full-time position at a start-up technology company in Chicago, Fieldglass, Inc. As a member of the HR team at Fieldglass, I facilitate new hire orientation, maintain employee benefits, update current policies and procedures, serve as the go-to person for employee inquiries, etc. I really enjoy my job and am thankful for the preparation I received from my experiences at U of I these past four years. Be sure to enjoy every second of your time in Champaign-Urbana…it goes by faster than you think!

Jim Peterson

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Economics, and a Minor in Business. I was involved with several organizations with at UIUC, both academic and spiritual. I was highly involved in Business Council and served as the President of Entrepreneur Without Borders. I also served as OCF Vice President, and OCF President. OCF was vital in my development as a strong Orthodox Christian, and has prepared me to continue being active in my faith, post-college. I am currently a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with Eli Lilly and Company, and a member of the OCAA board.


One thought on “Alumni Spotlight

  1. Hi! I’m Fr. Steve Repa. I had attended the U of I from 1973-78, majoring in psych. and soc. eventually finishing my degree at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary in South Bound Brook, NJ. It was my pleasure to return and reunite with some of my class mates as our ballroom dance teacher, Miss. A. Villiacorta (Miss. V.) was honored for a life time acheivment by ACE awards, for ispiring and building confidence in students through dance. Back then two years of phys – ed was required.forty some years later things have changed but stayed the same. it was great to find NIKA house. We had othodox fellowship in my apartment back the with about five students. I was honored to serve a supper at your tuesday fellowship and was able to donate somebooks to your library from my deacon,Dennis Lapyshansky’s estate. I’m sure he’s pleased. The U of I experiece will never leave you. Enjoy your youth and it’s exuberance. Believe in yourself and God, and as Cheif Illini would say – Shoot for the stars!

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