Member Spotlight

Get to know your fellow OCF buddies!

Mary Alcott
Class: 2016
Major: Speech and Hearing Science
Home Parish: Holy Transfiguration in Warrenville, Il
Favorite OCF Moment: Fall retreat to Allerton Park
Favorite thing about OCF: Connecting to other Orthodox students
Favorite artist/genre of music: The Civil Wars
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Monsters Inc.
Favorite Hobby: Singing
Favorite Saint: Mary (The Theotokos)
Interesting facts: I’ve been to 41 states and 26 state capitols. I have also been to three international capitols!

Yannis Zigras
Class: Class of 2016
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Home Parish: Saints Constantine and Helen Palos Hills, IL
Favorite OCF Moment: I-Help
Favorite thing about OCF: The friends in it
Favorite artist/genre of music: Kid Cudi
Favorite Movie: I Love You Man
Favorite Hobby: Playing with friends outside
Favorite Saint: Saint John the Baptist
Interesting facts: I was born in Greece


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